EMS Service

Artilux is providing electronic panel assembly services. All our team are EPC sertified and able to perform on high quality standards. As an electronics manufacturing services provider we are focussing on business sectors requiring high-reliability products, including electrical devices, led modules, security and scientific instrumentation. Covering conventional through-hole and surface-mount technologies, Artilux offers a wide range of stable assembly processes for all current component packages.

Technical capabilities:

  • Placement capacity (cph)- >0.5mln/day;
  • Accuracy of placing <40um (25-30um on request);
  • Interdistance between packages of Chips (1005, 0402…) ;
  • Tallest component palcement capacity- 15mm (40mm on request) ;
  • Panel-pcb size – 80x80mm to 450x800mm;
  • Thickness of PCB from 0.4mm to 3.5mm;
  • Acceptable PCB Materials – Aluminium Core, FR4, Ceramic (Roger and etc.)

Owen specification:

  • Reflow Owen – 8TOP/8Bottom, 2/2 cooling, N2 enviroment (N2 Class5).;
  • KIC termo profiling with real time monitoring by 24 TC inside of tunnel;


  • Fully automatic Selective wave soldering for both side pcb with accuracy up to 0.1mm (positioning accuracy 5um).


  • Fast AOI 5 CAM’s 10mpix each (central including side cam’s), 14um accuracy. Multicolor scanning (7 color scheme lights) Fast 3D SPI, 14um accuracy;