In order to provide leading-edge injection moulding services, Frilux continuously develops and invests in cutting-edge technologies.  At the moment they can offer these plastic moulding services:

Injection moulding

A standard plastic component manufacturing technique. Frilux has injection moulding machines with clamping strength ranging from 50 to 1050 tons.

2K injection moulding

Frilux uses multi-shot injection moulding to manufacture components made of two or more distinct materials. It’s a very efficient technology since it allows you to assemble your goods in-mould, eliminating the need for any further manufacturing stages.


Injection moulding technique that embeds components inside plastic or rubber without the need for adhesives or welding. When high torque is required on threads/screws, this tool is commonly utilized.

Pad (Tampo) Printing

Pad (tampo) print machines provide top-quality decorative products to original equipment manufacturers by transferring ink from an etched printing plate to any kind of surface using a silicone rubber pad.