How we work?

We believe that using lean manufacturing techniques and the right information systems technology, product complexity and variability creates a flexible and fast order-to-delivery process. Our 10 years experience and implementation of lean manufacturing techniques inside our company made us price competitive and desirable manufacturer amoung many big European brands.

TOC philosophy in manufacturing & management

  • Production according “Drum – Buffer – Rope”
  • Dynamic Buffer Management
  • Sales Order ≠ Production Order (80% replenishment)
  • Main internal KPI – Throughput and OE

LEAN tools: Andon (light), 5S, Gemba, Bottleneck analysis, Continuous flow, Kaizen, KPI, Muda, OEE, Root cause, Standardized Work, Takt Time, TPM, Visual Factory (real time production efficiency monitoring)

ERP system (finance, purchasing, manufacturing & warehouse)

RFID and Barcode tracking system (0 mistakes in loading)


Our certificates:

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