Back in 2014, together with a Finish brand Tregren we embarked on a journey to revolutionize the way we grow plants. Tregren set out to redefine the relationship between plants and their caretakers, making the process simpler, faster, and more efficient. We introduced the world to our groundbreaking technology - Active Growing Technology™. Artilux NMF was, and continues to be, the sole manufacturer of Tregren products.

Fast forward to 2022, Tregren found a new home under the Artilux NMF umbrella. This acquisition has marked the beginning of a new chapter for Tregren, one filled with innovation, growth, and the same unwavering commitment to providing the best solutions for plant enthusiasts worldwide.

Active Growing Technology™ - Cultivating Tomorrow

Active Growing Technology™ is based on hydroponic cultivation, a method where plants thrive in a soilless aquatic-based environment. Nutrients are thoughtfully distributed via water by a pump, ensuring that your plants receive the care they deserve. Unlike basic passive growing methods that rely on capillary action, our approach provides oxygen and nutrient-rich water for robust plant growth.

Our secret sauce? The unique combination of Active Growing Technology™ and cutting-edge growing lights optimized specifically for plants. This powerful duo is the key to achieving three times faster growth rates and creating optimal conditions for your plants to flourish.

Benefits of Active Growing Technology™:

  1. 3 X Times Faster Growth: Say goodbye to the waiting game. With Tregren's Active Growing Technology™, your plants will thrive and reach their full potential in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

  2. Only Minutes a Month for Maintenance: We understand that your time is valuable. Tregren's smart gardens require minimal effort to maintain, giving you more time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  3. Stable High Yields: Enjoy consistent and impressive yields from your plants, thanks to the precision and reliability of Active Growing Technology™.

  4. Ability to Use Any Growing Media or Pot: Customize your gardening experience with the freedom to choose your preferred growing media or pot, ensuring that your garden suits your unique style and needs.

At Tregren, we believe in a future where cultivating plants is not just a hobby but a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Whether you are an experienced gardener or a newcomer to the world of indoor gardening, Tregren's Active Growing Technology™ is here to empower you.

Join us on this exciting journey of growth and discovery as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of plant cultivation. To learn more about Tregren and our innovative products, visit our website at

Together, we cultivate tomorrow.